TWIND is a technological innovation developed in two technical solutions (TWIND 1 and TWIND 2) that allows the exploitation of high altitude wind power with reduced costs, superior performance and respect for the environment.

The project is managed by Zanettistudios S.r.l. exclusive owner of the TWIND trademark and of patent rights (EUROPE and USA) on two technologies.

Both technologies are reliable, low costs and high power yield better than the traditional wind turbines. Twind technology intends to propose an innovative method in order to exploit the Eolic energy with low costs, higher continuity and a minor environmental impact.  Twind technologies can compete in terms of cost per kWh, with the conventional power plants.

The method is based on the use of a sail surface elevated by the climbing force of an aerostatic balloon connected to the ground by a cable used also for energy transmission.

The cable used for the ground connection is the Dyneema textile cable of a diameter of 21 mm with a maximum load of 42 tons and a weight equal to 0.25 Kg per metre.

The wind present at high altitudes creates a horizontal push on the sail which in its movement transmits this energy to the ground via the connecting cable.

At the end of its movement forward, the sail surface is reduced allowing it to move upwind with reduced energy waste.

In the above example energy is recuperated by exploiting the force of gravity moving mass. This function can be substituted by other systems based, for example, on kinetic energy, gas compression or on the accumulation of generated electrical energy.

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